The Front Runners in Esthetic Technology

Oxygen Infusion

A pre-performance, on camera, pre-event, post-travel celebrity secret for nearly two decades. Pure pressurized oxygen with a solution of 87 vitamins, minerals and amino acids increase circulation and metabolism of nutrients. Hydrates for immediate vitality and glow in the skin.

Anti-Aging: plumps fine lines, reduces redness, revitalizes
Anti-Acne: accelerates clearing breakouts


Resurfaces upper layers of skin using a fine jet of crystals to exfoliate while a micro vacuum removes the dead skin cells and increases collagen and elastin growth. Skin is more smooth, vibrant and healthy.

Anti-Aging: smoothes texture, diminishes lines, evens color, dull skin brighter
Anti-Acne: accelerates clearing breakouts


Tiny electrical impulses give facial muscles a workout to firm skin and lift muscles, increase collagen, elastin, circulation and lymph drainage. The cumulative effect is the muscles maintain their positions better and longer after each session. Fitness for the Face Schedule of Sessions recommended.

Anti-Aging: firms and lifts facial muscles and skin, hydrates, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, increases elasticity
Anti-Acne: accelerates clearing breakouts

LED Light

Developed by NASA in the 1980‘s to improve healing wounds and tissue growth in space. 100% safe wavelengths of light provide the energy to increase collagen and elastin, increase circulation and reduces inflammation resulting in skin rejuvenation.

Anti-Aging Red Light: firms, reduces pore size, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, improves color and texture, improves sun damage
Anti-Acne: Blue light accelerates clearing breakouts