What we do at The Skin Bar

We are here for teens, men and women ready to transform their skin AND how they go about taking care of it in ways they may not yet have imagined and gain more self- love and confidence in the process.

As founder of The Skin Bar, Bonnie has become known as a cutting edge esthetician working with advanced esthetic technology and certified organic ingredients. Prior, Bonnie served for 10 years as an esthetician for a Four and Five Diamond Destination Spa. She escaped the corporate spa to work with individual clients.

“I love being able to help clients get the most out of their personal care because it’s so intimately tied to our self-love. That’s the most important thing for everything else in our lives to go right.

Licensed as an esthetic instructor in Colorado and as a licensed esthetician in Arizona, Hawaii and California. She is the creator of Fitness for the Face for Climate and Environmental Damage Repair, Controlling Bacterial and Hormonal Acne for Teens and Adults and Non-Invasive Anti-Aging for Firming, Lifting and Tightening.

Bonnie’s purpose is to help conscious people have healthy, amazing looking skin by loving and taking care of themselves while having a positive impact on the planet by the choices they make.

“Happy, wise people making buying decisions in skin, personal care and the food they choose are a key to our sustainable future.“

We offer from 30 min EXPRESS Sessions to 12 week Fitness for Your Face Programs